Are you planning to sign up at an online casino?


Then i’ll be happy to give you some casino tips before you start playing your favorite online casino games. There will certainly be more tips, but I don’t want to overload you either.

With my casino tips, you’re more likely to have a positive online casino experience, with a big win!


  1. Always play all the paylines


Do you want to play a video slot machine for the first time? Then I recommend that you play on all the paylines. If you play on all paylines, then the chance of a nice win is much greater.


Even with a small budget, it is best to play on all paylines. Your money might go through a bit faster this way, but you’re more likely to earn back your bet and more with a nice profit.


  1. Play with the maximum bet


Do you have a bigger budget? Then I recommend that you play with the maximum bet on a online video slot machine.

On many online slot machines,the payout percentage is higher if you play with the maximum bet.


Especially on a online slot machine with progressive jackpot, the payout percentage is often higher if you play with the maximum bet. If you have a bit more budget, I certainly recommend you to do this.

A good online casino tip is that you need to play blackjack


Online blackjack can be played at the computer, tablet and mobile.


  1. Try blackjack


Most people who don’t have much experience playing online casino games, play the well-known table games like roulette and poker or try various slot machines in the casino in a landbased form.


This is simply because these games are a bit more familiar: many people think they don’t understand the other online gambling games and therefore prefer to avoid the familiar games.


It’s a shame, because the other games are also great fun to play. Especially blackjack is recommended, because this is the casino game with the highest payout percentage. Moreover, blackjack is not difficult to play at all. You will master this game in no time at all. Definitely worth a try!


  1. Get to know the rules of a game


One mistake many beginning online casino lovers make is that they just start playing when they are in a online casino.

They don’t get into the rules of a game, but just get started.


It may be tempting to start playing right away, but this is never a good idea. If you don’t know how a game works, there’s a good chance that you’re playing it the wrong way. And if you play the game the wrong way, the chance of winning is minimal. The chance of losing is all the greater.


Therefore, before you start playing a game, you should first study the rules. Try a game a few times for free, without betting money. If you have gotten to know the game well without a bet, you can play it with money.


  1. Find a reliable online casino


Want to play online casino games? Then look for a reliable online casino. A reliable online casino always has a known license, such as the MGA license or the UKGC license. Moreover, a reliable and secure online casino has an SSL connection for the safe transmission of personal data.


Do you doubt whether an online casino is reliable or not? Polite Casino has preceded you and gives you the best there is to the online casino industry, just visit the website


  1. Use withdrawal lock when playing online


Are you going to play online casino games? Then I advise you to use withdrawal lock. With withdrawal lock it is not possible to reclaim your payout and play with it again. In fact, this feature offers you a good way to protect your pleasant wins.


  1. Ask lost money back


Are you a loyal online player and have you lost money several times in a row? Then you can contact the helpdesk of an online casino to ask for a refund of some of your lost money, for example in the form of a bonus or free spins.


This certainly doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth a try. Especially if you’ve been playing at an online casino for a long time or as a newcomer, the casino may be willing to compensate you for your losses. It’s a commercial business, but you’ll find out  it has also a human side.


The online casino world is a beautiful world.

I wish you a lot of fun playing!


Kind regards, Polite Casino.



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